Top Ten* Tuesday: Favorite Things About The Fall (Courtesy of the Amalgamblog Contributors)

Fall began yesterday and we here at the Amalgamblog are looking forward to the new season (at least most of us). Instead of giving you my top ten favorite things about fall, I sent out an e-mail thread to all the contributors to the blog and asked them what they liked about this time of the year. As always, the thread was very entertaining. So in the order of which I received replies, here are thirteen Amalgamblog contributors with their favorite things about the fall (with a few parenthetical sidenotes).

13. Bill Cox

“I like the fact that, through Jesus, we can be rescued from the fall.” (Though the statement is genuine, that pun should give you some insight on what many conversations with my dad are like)

12. Kelly Pack

“I love sitting on my screened in porch reading a good book which will at some point I know turn into a splendid nap due to the cool breeze and swishing leaves which lull me to sleep.”

11. Randy Belk

“I love cool Friday nights at the local high school football stadium and the 5th Quarters that follow (sponsored by Synergy Student Ministries).” (So if you’re ever in the Greater Pumpkin Center area…)

10. Lauren Lunsford

“Being comfortable in pants and flip flops, legally drinking hot chocolate, and thanksgiving family gatherings.” (Later on in the thread, Lauren was asked by Kat how one illegally drinks hot chocolate. She also lamented the fact that she, now living in Southern California, won’t get to experience fall.)

9. Joshua Crocker

“Pretty much love the awesome leave colors conducive to wondermous photo ops and wearing thin hoodies.” (Josh later affirmed Lauren’s notion of illegal hot chocolate drinking stating that if the beverage is consumed in hot weather it is thus illegal)

8. Kat Garber

“Cool breezes and the glorious colors of the leaves. Both of these are hard to find in NOLA, so if anyone can figure out a way to export some down here, let me know. Oh! And football, Especially on a fall afternoon with a cool breeze and pretty leaves in the background on Paris Mountain over Paladin Stadium. I also like fall because it’s the season that includes October which is the month that I’m allowed by some (cough, EA, cough) to start playing Christmas music. And I LOVE Christmas music.” (EA would affirm, from the year that she and Kat roomed together in college that the official starting date for Christmas music was October 31. Josh thought this was far too early a date.)

7. Wes Frazor

“Fall is not my favorite, too much emphasis on color. However, I do enjoy hoodies and dressing up for Halloween. I guess that covers it. Done! (I should point out that Wes’ distate for color is due to his color blindness. Wes would later go on to say the following.) How has no one mentioned the greatest thing about the fall! It’s practically pie season! All those random holidays and what better way to celebrate than pie!” (Amen.)

6. Shari Cox

“Hoodies, blankets, Fall Coffee, flavors, football, Thanksgiving.”

5. Sarah Neely

“I like knowing that it’s only a few months until Christmas. It’s not blazing hot like the summer, but it’s also not to the point where it’s so cold that I can’t go outside anymore and it means that’s it’s only three more seasons until summer comes around again!”

4. Tiffany Gibson

“The smell and candy corn.”

3. Anna Ruffner

“I love all of the orange because it is my favorite color (NOT because of Clemson), I love pumpkins, the colored leaves, long drives with the windows down on a cool fall day, trips to the mountains, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, the smell of cinnamon, cool evenings and ‘just-right’ days.” (Tiffany responded that as a Starbucks barista, she is a purveyor of fine pumpkin spice lattes.)

2. Robin Hunt

“Not a big fan of fall cause it’s the start of everything dying, but this post has officially made it a lot more attractive.” (Josh proceeded to raise some theological questions about death and beauty; feel free to discuss).

1. EA Cox

“I like blankets and hoodies and cuddling with my husband next to the fire place. I like the beautiful leaves.”

So…what are your favorite things about fall?


1 Response to “Top Ten* Tuesday: Favorite Things About The Fall (Courtesy of the Amalgamblog Contributors)”

  1. 1 Bill Cox
    September 23, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    Oh, you meant favorite things about AUTUMN!

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