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Pick Three: Olympic Edition

The Summer Olympic Games (pick a random channel, you’ll probably find the Olympics)

You may already be sick of the Summer Games. If you have watched NBC anytime in the last 47 months, then it has been beaten into your mind that the Beijing Olympics are on their networks. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are going nuts promoting sporting events, even though the athletes probably don’t drink many carbonated beverages or eat Big Macs. Yeah, the world’s greatest sports spectacle has gone corporate. But it’s still the world’s greatest sports spectacle. If you have been watching, you’ve seen an unbelievable opening ceremony, USA’s amazing come-from-behind win in the 4 x 100 swimming relay, Michael Phelps’ Herculean (Poseidon-like?) quest for eight golds, and much more. And then there are the random sports. Water Polo! Synchronized Diving! Fencing! It is a sports buffet. So click over sometime. You may see an inspiring story or an amazing athletic feat. And it only happens every four years.

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?: Jokers and Devils

“?” is a quick blog in which we pose a few quick questions to get you thinking. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

With The Dark Knight earning rave reviews and smashing all kinds of Box Office records, we should mention a movie that is having such a huge impact on our culture (we’ll hopefully get a review up soon). A lot of attention has been given to Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker. Several reviewers have said that the portrayal of the character is the closest thing to the Devil incarnate ever seen on screen; a being whose sole desire is to steal, kill, and destroy. For those that have seen The Dark Knight:

-Do you see any similarities between the Joker in The Dark Knight and Satan as he is depicted in Scripture?

-One of the main challenges that Batman faces in the movie is how to deal with force of evil. In some ways he stoops to the Joker’s level in order to stop the villain. Does this make Batman a better person? Does it seem like Batman ever really stops the Joker in the movie?

-Is there anything that we can learn as Christians from this movie and what it says about human nature, evil, and how to combat dark forces?


Pick Three

Every so often, someone here on the Amalgam will pick three things (movie, TV shows, books, music, whatever) that they would recommend to others. So let’s kick things off:

Wall-E (in theaters now)

Hopefully, we’ll be posting a review for this movie soon. But regardless, you should go see it; one of the most beautiful and joyous movies that have come out in a long time.

“Season” EPs by Jon Foreman

Over the past few months, Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman has taken a step back from fronting the band (don’t worry, they’re not breaking up) to release four EPs. The six-song EPs, each named after one of the four seasons are different from Switchfoot’s normal output but that is not a bad thing as Foreman goes for a more stripped back approach and opens up a crate of unique instruments to highlight the lyrics.

The songs are more intimate and personal as Foreman gives the listener a vulnerable peak into his Christian faith. Many of the songs are meditations on different scripture passages – “Your Love is Strong” (from the Spring EP) looks at the Lord’s Prayer and various teachings of Jesus, “White as Snow” (from the Winter EP) is a reflective version of the 51st Psalm – and could easily serve as songs of worship and reflection for generations to come. There are highlights spread throughout each EP as Foreman continues to establish himself as an excellent singer-songwriter.

The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

Since we’ve got a couple of new items, I figured we’d throw in a classic. The book, which depicts the correspondence between a senior demon and a young tempter, is one of Lewis’s masterpieces. Through the words of those seeking to steal, kill, and destroy, Lewis unpacks loads of lessons concerning God, Satan, sin, temptation, and the lies we often buy into when we disobey God. Screwtape is a fiercely creative, but frightening work that is exposes the deception that fools us in our everyday life. This is one of my favorite books and one that I would recommend to anyone; Christian and non-Christian alike.

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