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Top Ten* Tuesday: Favorite Things About The Fall (Courtesy of the Amalgamblog Contributors)

Fall began yesterday and we here at the Amalgamblog are looking forward to the new season (at least most of us). Instead of giving you my top ten favorite things about fall, I sent out an e-mail thread to all the contributors to the blog and asked them what they liked about this time of the year. As always, the thread was very entertaining. So in the order of which I received replies, here are thirteen Amalgamblog contributors with their favorite things about the fall (with a few parenthetical sidenotes).

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Top Ten Tuesday: Presidential Facial Hair

As the McCain and Obama campaigns go back and forth during this election, one gets the sense that there are some important issues that are not getting the time that they deserve. One important issue that both will likely continue to avoid is this simple fact: It has been 100 years since we last elected a guy with facial hair to the Oval Office. My fellow Americans, this should not be so. So while we dream in vain that McCain will rock the fu manchu or Obama will grow some serious sideburns, let’s look back at the top ten presidents that sported facial hair.

10. Grover Cleveland

Not only is he the only president to share a name with a Sesame Street character, not only is he the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms, not only is he the only president to get married while in office, but Grover Cleveland, our 22nd (and 24th) president, leads off this list with his simple, yet classy mustache.

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Top Ten Tuesday: iPod Commercials

Since Apple is rolling out a new batch of iPods today, we figured that we would look back at the top ten commercials featuring the ubiquitous MP3 player. Now, how do you rank a bunch of commercials that feature pretty much the same concept (though a few on our list break out of the typical silhouette people dancing mode)? It all comes down to a catchy song. Side note: this is not an endorsement of any of these artists. Without further ado, here’s your top ten for this Tuesday.

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Top Ten Tuesday: The Most Awesomely Random College Football Mascots

College football makes its glorious return this weekend and so the folks here at the Amalgamblog turn our attention to the gridiron. Today, we look at the mascots. Now, any team can name their team the “Tigers” or “Eagles” or just plug in their state nickname (“Buckeyes”, “Hoosiers”, “Wolverines”, etc.). But these 10 schools take the road less traveled and, for that, we salute you. Here are the Top 10 Most Awesomely Random Mascots in all of Division 1 football.

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